OLABO Laboratory Heating Metal Dry Bath Incubator

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Dry Bath can be widely used in the preservation and reaction of samples, DNA amplification and electrophoresis of predenaturation, serum coagulation and other biochemical samples of constant temperature incubation process. According to the size of the test tube can be equipped with different holes through the heating block, the test tube heating constant temperature.

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Heating block capacity 2 modules 4 modules
Temperature control PID digital temperature control
Temperature control ra RT+5°C -160°C
Temperature control ac ±0.5℃(40℃)
Temperature uniformity ±1.0℃(40℃)
Display accuracy 0.1℃
Timing range 1~9999 minutes (hours) or continuous operation
Heating time ≤20 minutes(30℃ to 130℃)
≤30 minutes(30℃ to 160℃)
Voltage 220VAC±10% or 110VAC±10% 50/60Hz
Size 280*260*120 mm 502*260*120 mm
Net 8.0kg 10.0kg


*Real-time temperature value display, countdown display.
*Control temperature PID microprocessor;
*a variety of heating aluminum blocks can be flexibly replaced, making the application more extensive and easy to clean and disinfect;
*Automatic fault detection and alarm function;
*With temperature deviation calibration function;
*LCD Display;
*Transparent cover to prevent experimental error;
*Powder coated steel shell, durable;
*Timer can accurately control heating time, timing range :0~9999 minutes (hours); timing error :<1.

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