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Medical purification engineering projects, after the inspection of this epidemic, China’s medical and health institutions and major epidemic prevention and control systems still have obvious shortcomings, and the importance of medical purification engineering has also been highlighted. Among them, the medical purification engineering is mainly biosafety laboratories. Science, clean operating room, ICU nursing ward, fever clinic, negative pressure ward, disinfection supply center, GMP workshop, etc. The biosafety laboratory is mainly divided into contaminated area, semi-contaminated area, clean area, through the control of the ventilation system , Is the state of negative pressure inside the laboratory, which plays a role in protecting the environment and the human body. Today we are introducing a representative PCR laboratory in the biosafety laboratory. The PCR laboratory uses PCR technology in the entire life sciences field. It is highly advanced. The laboratory insists on the independence of each area during the entire design stage, pays attention to the wind direction, adapts measures to local conditions, and works standards. For the internal planning of the laboratory, there are reagent storage and preparation areas, standard preparation areas, and amplification reaction mixture configuration and expansion. Increase area, amplification reaction analysis area, set up obvious marks in each work area to avoid mixing equipment and objects in different work areas, and people and objects entering each work area must be carried out strictly in a single direction to enhance biological protection engineering. Not only that, the PCR laboratory is also equipped with clean workbenches and biological safety cabinets to protect the staff and laboratory safety. BOKE Construction is based on a customer-centric service concept and provides customers with planning with rigorous craftsmanship and open management mechanisms. , Design and construction of one-stop purification engineering construction services.


And now it has provided Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Shandong Provincial Qianfoshan Hospital , Shandong Provincial Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong First Medical University, Shandong Thoracic Radiology Hospital, Binzhou City Many hospitals and institutions such as the People's Hospital provide engineering construction of biosafety laboratories, which have won unanimous praise from customers. In the future, BOKE Construction will work with you to protect your health and open up the future.

OLABO, is a leading specialist in the design and construction of Clean Operating Room, ICU, P2/PCR/HIV Laboratories, PIVAS and purification engineering as well as specialized integrated business entity engaged in Purification Equipment, Purification Engineering, Purifying Air-Conditioning System and Special Products for clean rooms, providing one stop service from design, production, installation & commissioning, and inspection accetance. With well-qualified management team, high level R&D tecnicians. Exellet construction team, OLABO has developed business across the world.

Following the business pilosopies of "To survive on quality. To develop on tehnology and of "Maket-guided, and sevice orented".OLABO is commited to provide the users with full- scale, diverse and wide- ranging services.


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