Clean Operating Theater

Clean Operating Theater

1. Preventing pollutant outside from entering the operating theater

2. Purifying air which flows into the operatating room

3. Maintaining the state of positive pressure

4. Rapidly and effectively exhausting the pollution right inside the room

5. Controlling the pollutant and decreasing the possibility of pollution

6. Sterilizing and disinfecting objects and for fitting

7. Immediately disposing polluted objects.

General Clean Operating Theater

The General Clean Operating Theater is for general surgery(excluding Class A surgery), gynecological operation,etc.

Maximum Average Concentration of Settlement Bacteria: 75~150/ m³

Air purification: Class 10,000

Air purified by primary, medium and HEPA filters in sequence flows through the outlet on the ceiling into the operating theater and purified clean air presses the polluted air out of the outlet, to make sure the theater remains clean.

Laminar Flow Operating Theater adopts air purification technologies to diversely controls and treats microbiological pollution,aiming to ensure that the cleanness of the room is suit- able for various operations and to provide a clean and comfortable operating conditions with proper temperature and humidity


Clean Operating Theater