Refrigeration Storage

Features of Composite Refrigeration Storage


1. New Materials:

Sainless Steel Plates, color steel plates and embossed aluminum plates are used to make the wall panels of the refrigerted waehouse and rigid polyurethane foam is uesd for insulation. The composite wall panel features light weight ,high intensity , good thermal insulation performance,corrosion resistance,and mothproof and it is also toxin-free and mildew-free. This kind of wall panel performs more efficiently at lower temperature.

2. Energy-Saving Insulation:

The warehouse has good thermal insulaion pefomance . The tempenturer drops quikly and maintains for a long time. It can save 30%- 40% of energy compared with other refrigerated warehouse.

3. Series Sets:

Facilities Availables: The wall panels are professionally manufactured. Various options are available and interchangeable. Different combinations of panels bring more choices of cold storage of different sizes and types, which allows customers to make full use of the space of their rooms. Now, ther are two major types: indoor and outdoor cold storage warehouse.

Customers can choose suitable room arrangement, such as single room,dual-room, suite-type and multi- room. Two kinds of cold air distribution are served: air cooler and team exhaust pipes cooler. For the place where lack of water, air-coolig com-pressor is provided if needed.

4. Easy Dismantlement:

The wall panels are connected by inner embedded parts and can be easily dismantled and transported. It takes less time to assemble the components and complete the compesit refrigerated warehouse. The total assembling time is only 1/20 or 1/30 of that of a traditional cold storage. A small -medium sized one can be delivered in 3-5 days. It is an ideal solution for moving purposes or remote area with backward trans-portation.

5. Application:

1. Quick frozen food processing and cold storage.

2. Annimal slaughter and processing factory.

3. Food processing plants.

4. Indoor assembled refrigeration storage.

5. Seed storage warehouse.

6. Biological and pharmaceutical products.

7. Diary products storage

8. Cold container of refrigerated trailors