Aim to provide the laboratory one-stop
solution for all customers from the world.

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OLABO founded in 2012, a professional laboratory supplier. Aim to provide the medical equipments one-stop solution for all customers from the world. We have widely range of laboratory equipment for customer′s various needs. Including laboratory equipment, cleaning and disinfection equipment, laboratory safety protection product, cold chain product, medical equipment, general analytical equipment and some industry research equipment.


  • OLABO is looking for distributors and agents from all over the world!


    1. Monopolize the sales market of the product and Grab market share in your country.
    2. Increase revenue.
    3. Strengthen trade links and expand global market influence.
    4. Ways to join: prepare inventory or pay a deposit.

  • How to Care for Your Pipette


    A career in life science research is often chosen out of boundless curiosity and a desire to solve problems, rather than because of a passion for pipettes. However, the day-to-day work of a research facility often requires the transfer of precise volumes of liquid hour after hour, as this is a fu...

  • OLABO – Accelerates the Realization of Laboratory Automation


    Why automation? As laboratory methods become more specific and specialised – and with a greater focus on the value of laboratory results – order volumes increase with the diversification of test menus. Automation often eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks. Automation improves l...

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