COVID-19 Vaccination Shelter

Using vaccination program solution, Each mobile laboratory has enough supplies and consumables on board to operate for 1 month before they need to be restocked. Each mobile lab is staffed with 1 doctor, 3 registered nurses, and 9 medical support personnel. Each laboratory can administer 833 vaccines a day and up to 25,000 a month, working up to 10 hours a da

Process (Medical Staff per Lab)

OLABO  assumes full responsibility for delivering and managing the vaccine deployment safely and appropriately. There are no third-party arrangements to make and there are no transfers that risk delays. We use military grade equipment along with the highest level of professionalism derived from decades of operational experience.
vaccination program solution utilizes highly trained and equipped medical personnel and ensures the safe and secure acquisition, transportation, delivery, and storage of vaccines for COVID-19 or any vaccine-preventable disease.
This  is a 12-meter module with air conditioning, refrigeration, freezers, lighting, desks, PPE and all the necessary amenities to operate a successful and clean medical laboratory. Each lab is fully functional with clean water, a bathroom, a lavatory and can be plugged into a power source, run on a generator or operate completely off the grid with solar.
*This  incorporates a comprehensive IT network and is capable of printing vaccination cards tailored to the individual.


EXTERIOR – ISO Standard 40’ HC Container – Sea freight container steel finish.
* INTERIOR – 25mm Anti-Bacterial finished steel panel with rock wool (20mm).
* INSULATION – 50mm Rock Wool insulation + 25mm Air Gap + Rock Wool insulated steel panel.
* DIMENSIONS – Outer - (Length) 12,159 x (Width) 2,438 x (Height) 2,684
Inner - (Length) 11,871 x (Width) 2,158 x (Height) 2,200
* WET ROOM / BATH – Fully complete bathroom – Toilet & Lavatory
* ELECTRONICS – Laptop Computers with Microsoft 365 software and a Laser Printer capable of printing vaccine cards.
* FURNITURE & LIGHTING – Office Desks with file drawers, Chairs, Stools and Exam Lights and Overhead LED Flush Mounts.
* WINDOWS AND DOORS – Low-E Glass Two-Pane Insulated Windows – Insulated Fire-Proof 1/2 Lite Steel Door with Welded Frame.
* FREEZER & REFRIGERATORS – One Freezer capable of -70F and two Medical Glass Door Refrigerators capable of 33F to 50F.
* HVAC – LG Ceiling Cassette 3-Zone System - 24,000 BTU Outdoor - 7k + 7k + 7k Indoor - 21.7 SEER.
* FLOORING – Anti-Bacterial Floor – Decorative VCT Tile.
* Constant control of indoor temperature and humidity of all times (intelligent automatic pressure control system +/-).
* Completely block viruses and droplets with positive pressure in medical staff area and FFU in the examinee area.
* Excellent respect for the echo (Zero emission of volatile organic compounds).
* High energy savings in effect per system lab.
* High precision and quality product by automatic mass production of the plant.
* Corrosion resistance and long service life (over 70 years, MIT report).
* 100% Factory-Manufactured and then easily installed on-site
* Corrosion resistance and long service life (over 70 years, MIT report)
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