Biosafety Laboratory


OLABO Biosafety Laboratory can be transported as a whole unit.It will save you much time, effort and cost associated of traditional lab design and construction. Customer can use it directly after connectting the power and water source. In general, OLABO Biosafety Laboratory includes three typical models: HIV Laboratory, P2 Laboratory and PCR Laboratory, and these three distribution in other comprehensive laboratory, and other laboratory systems.

A complete biosafety laboratory includes the following parts

1. Cleaning area: including office, meeting room, rest room, clean warehouse, clean corridor, etc.

2. Semi-polluted areas: including buffer rooms, semi-polluted corridors, etc.

3.  Contaminated area: including specimen reception, processing room, biochemical immunization, clinical examination hall, HIV laboratory, microbiology laboratory, PCR laboratory, cell room, trace element, tuberculosis room, decontamination room, specimen library, cold storage, etc.

UPS. The water production room is arranged according to different positions, and the above three areas can be set up.
Including the decoration project of the experimental area and the auxiliary room serving the experimental area, relatively independent purification air-conditioning system engineering., electrical and automation engineering, drainage engineering and inspection department supporting equipment (such as: biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, experimental worktable, UPS, Water making machine, sewage treatment equipment, etc.).