Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Admitting patients suffering from breathing, circulation, metabolism and other multiple organ failure from Internal Medicine, Surgery and other departments, ICU focuses on doing powerful overall management in breathing, circulation, metabolism and others for patients.

1. Under the framework of humanism, taking advantage of high-tech achievements in modern society to establish an efficient and fast medical system, thereby giving impetus to ICU development.

2. Using research achievements of Ergonomics, Psychology, Sociology and other related borderline science, broaden the design denotation of "people oriented", setup the theory of humanized design in the design of hospital systematically.

3. Pecople oriented ICU ward design should be based on people' psychological activity, buit on physical characteristics, guided by behavior ativiy, undestading people's all requirements of the hopital ,truly realizing the feeling of "at home".