HIV Laboratory

HIV Laboratory is HIV antibody test lab. It can be divided into HIV screening laboratory and HIV identification laboratory.

Installation Requirements:
1. The minimum installation space for a HIV Laboratory is 6.0 * 4 .2 * 3 .4 m ( L*W*H).
2. The floor should be flat with avariance of  less than 5mm/2m.
3. Preliminary site preparations must include:
1) Wiring for  220 V/ 110V, 50Hz, 20KW
2) Plumbing connections for water and drains
3) Connections for network and telephone wiring

HIV Laboratory1
HIV Laboratory

HIV laboratory

1. Dedicated laboratories are divided into clean areas, semi-contaminated areas, and contaminated areas, with clear signs and sufficient operating space.

2. Laboratory wall, floor, and countertop materials should be acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, and no leakage of liquid. There should be anti-mosquito, anti-flies, anti-mouse and other equipment in the room.

3. Ultraviolet lamps should be installed on the inspection platform.

4. Equipped with disinfection drugs, disinfection equipment and equipment.

5. Equipped with foot pedal or sensor water device, equipped with eye washing device, enough disposable gloves, masks, isolation clothing and protective glasses.

6. The cleaning area (room) is equipped with facilities for storing personal watch clothes and supplies; if conditions permit, special bathing equipment can be installed.

7. The laboratory should be equipped with constant temperature equipment, and the room should be kept at 20°C-25°C.