Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service(PIVAS)


PIVAS has changed the original condition that the Intravenous fluid configuration is     scattered in the open environment of ward treatment room. With PIVA,  the configuration can be proceeded on Class 100 platform in Class 10,000 airtight environment by full-time technical staff, making doctors’ excellent skill and drug efficacy reach their highest simultaneously.

Area division

According to the degree of cleanliness, it can be divided into clean area, auxiliary work area and living area.

1. Clean area: Including the first dressing, second dressing and deployment operation room

Hundred-level clean area: laminar flow console, 10,000-level clean area, secondary dressing room, general medicine compounding room, hazardous medicine compounding room

Class 100,000 clean area: a dressing room, clean washing room

Control area: reviewing party printing area, medicine placing area, finished product checking and packaging area

Common areas: common dressing rooms, offices, meeting rooms, secondary pharmacies, distribution waiting areas, air-conditioned machine rooms, material rooms, etc.

2. Auxiliary work area: including corresponding functional rooms such as storage of medicines and physico-chemical departments, printing of prescriptions, preparation of medicines, finished product verification, packaging and ordinary dressing.

3. The living area includes lounge, shower room and toilet.

Functional division

According to the work box, it can be divided into a medicine warehouse, a medicine storage area, a preparation area, a finished product check area, a finished product packaging and distribution area, and an office area.

Main function and area,

Including drug warehouse, magic drug room, preparation room, dressing room, general drug preparation room, antibiotic preparation room, cytotoxic drug preparation room, nutrient drug preparation room, finished product room, drug turnover library, material room, computer room, sanitary ware room, office, etc. The area of ​​each area (room) should be determined according to the actual workload.

The following is a case of our installation in China. Many projects of Third-class hospital are also designed and manufactured by us.