OLABO High Temperature Industrial Laboratory Muffle Furnace

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Available for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, such as laboratory for chemical analysis, physical testing and general small steel heat treatment.

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Model SX2-8-10T
Voltage AC380V 50Hz
Heating element Nickel chromium wire (including molybdenum)
Higher temperature 1000℃
Operating temperature 300~950℃
Power 8KW
Constant temperature fluctuation ±2℃
Temperature resolution 1℃
Studio sizeW×D×H(mm) 250*400*160
Volume 16L


1.The whole machine adopts modern integrated structure design,which is beautiful and easy to operate;
2.High-tech furnace door structure,fully enclosed furnace door,reasonable structure,balanced temperature field.
environmentalprotection and energysaving,and space saving;
3.LCD display, multiple sets of data displayed on one screen, easy to use, intelligent and convenient operation;
4.The boxshell is made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet, treated with phosphoric acid film salt and sprayed at high
5.The heating wire adopts imported alloy materials,with uniform heating temperature and fast heating speed, which is very
suitable for the chemical industry;
6.Refractorv insulation materials are ceramic fiberboard and cotton, with good insulation performance and light weight
7.All thermocouples are made of stainless steel armored structure,with high temperature control accuracy and long life;

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