OLABO China Tissue Embedding Center &Cooling Plate

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Paraffin embedding machine is a kind of equipment which embeds the tissue wax blocks of human body or animal and plant specimens after dehydration and wax immersion for histological diagnosis or research after slicing. It is suitable for medical colleges, hospital pathology department, medical research institutions, animal and plant research units and food testing departments.

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Model BK-TEI
Paraffin Chamber Capacity 3L
Temp.Range of Forceps Wells 55~70℃
Paraffin-melting Chamber
Thermal Storage Compartments
Heated Working Areas
Paraffin Dispenser
Temp. Precision ±1%
Material of Work Table Granite, easy to clean
Paraffin Flow Control Finger touch plate and optional foot pedal
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption 650W
External Size(W*D*H) 525*550*385mm
Package Size(W*D*H) 630*670*520mm
Gross Weight 41kg
Optional Accessory BK-CPI Cooling Plate
Package Size of BK-CPI (W*D*H) 700*450*530mm
Gross Weight of BK-CPI 37kg


* Fully automatic program control, can be preset to boot any day within a week
* Temperature control adopts single-chip micro-processing controller, temperature setting is simple
* High-brightness LCD display, real-time display of equipment working status, simple and clear
* The international advanced flexible heating concept overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heating temperature difference is too large, fast heating, high precision
* 5-way temperature control and multiple overheating protection devices to prevent paraffin from shrinking and damaging tissue samples
* With memory function, automatically retain the set temperature
* Adopt new heating element, heating fast, even heating, energy saving and reliable
* Highly sensitive temperature control integrated unit, high precision and reliable performance
* Manual and pedal dual control flow wax design, embedding operation is more convenient
* Controllable wax nozzle flow, suitable for various tissue embedding treatments
* Super large solid core physical and chemical board work table, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy to clean paraffin

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