OLABO ATP Rapid Fluorescence Detector

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The ATP fluorescence detector is based on the principle of firefly luminescence and uses the “luciferase-luciferin system” to quickly detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Since all living organisms contain a constant amount of ATP, the ATP content can clearly indicate the amount of total ATP contained in bacteria or other microorganisms and food residues in the sample, which is used to judge the health status.
The ATP fluorescence detector is suitable for monitoring key control points in the food and beverage production process, and real-time sampling and monitoring by medical systems and health supervision agencies.

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Examination range 0 to 9999 RLU
Sensitivity of detection 4X10-18 mol ATP
Detecting interference ±5﹪or ±5 RLUs
The number of result limits that can be set 100
Storage size More than 2000 test results
Testing time Adjustable from 1 to 15 seconds
Data interface USB interface, EIA—232 compatible
Lower limit of detection 1.4CFU
Rated voltage Rated voltage 3.3V
Power supply 2 AA dry batteries
Continuous readings At least 2000 test results
Instrument size 192mm×87mm×34mm
Instrument weight (including battery) <265g
Relative humidity -20%~85%
Atmospheric pressure 86 kPa~106kPa
Continuous working time 200 hours
Standby time Half a year


*This ATP rapid tester adopts special sealing materials to improve the light-proof performance, and the test results are more accurate and stable.
*The interface is simple and easy to operate.
*Bottom detection is not affected by the handheld or placement angle of the instrument, the detection data is not disturbed, and the result is more stable.
*Reagent integrated design, convenient for travel and carrying.
*A significant low background value is more conducive to the detection of trace ATP.
*It has good reproducibility and provides users with more reliable and accurate data.
*Leather case packaging, strong anti-oxidation and aging properties, increase the service life.

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