OLABO -40 ℃ 450 l vertical low temperature refrigerator

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  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of: China
  • MOQ: 1 Unit
  • Delivery time: usually within 7-15 days
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    Model BDF-40V450
    Total effective volume 450L
    Storage temperature -40℃
    Rated power supply ~220V
    Rated frequency 50Hz
    Power consumption (kW · H / 24h) 7.8
    Input power 550W
    Protection against electric shock Class I, type B
    Alarm mode acousto-optic
    Alarm function High and low temperature, sensor failure
    Cooling rate 2
    Cryogen Mixed refrigerants
    Overall size (mm) 850×960×1860
    Studio size (mm) 550×630×1140
    Net weight of the whole machine 200
    Gross weight of package 250
    Package size 960*1025*1995
    Thickness of foam layer mm 150
    Optional function Power off alarm; Temperature recorder


    Temperature Control
    Microcomputer digital control temperature digital display adjustment unit is 0.1 degrees
    The temperature in the box is adjustable
    Temperature difference between start and stop can be set
    High and low temperature alarm function, the alarm temperature value can be set as required
    Safety System
    It has a perfect alarm system, with buzzer sound and light flashing alarm
    It can realize high and low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm and other functions
    Multiple protection functions (password protection starts frequently, and the refrigeration system remains in operation when the protection sensor fails)

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