OLABO -25℃ Vertical Refrigerator Freezer Degree Freezer

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Low-temperature refrigerators are used to store biological products or physical and chemical materials that require special temperature preservation, such as plasma, vaccines, and reagents.

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Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Model BDF-25V350
Type (shelf/drawer)/material  Shelf/stainless steel 
Number of layers  5
Cooling method (air cooling/direct cooling)  Direct cooling 
Defrosting method (automatic/manual)  Manual 
Refrigerant/g  R290/102g 
Noise level  53dB(A) 
Ambient temperature  10~32℃  
temperature range  -10℃~25℃
Evaporator type  Built-in coil type 
Evaporator material  Copper tube 
Condenser type Wire tube 
Condenser material  Bondi tube 
sensor type  NTC 
Display mode (LCD/LED)  LED digital tube 
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)  220/50Hz 
Power (W)  305
Current (A)  2.3
Internal material  304 stainless steel 
External material  Sprayed steel plate
Heat insulation  Polyurethane cyclopentane foam 
Effective volume (L)  350
Net weight (kg)  130/170 
External dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm)  690×744×1885
Internal dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm)  520×567×1266
Packing size (width * depth * height) (mm)  810*860*2100

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